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Tipping - spread the Doge-ness

Last updated on Jan 31, 2014.

Tipping is possible on Twitter, Reddit and Imgur (and possibly other places, but this is what we have experience with). Tipping brings much joy and is an essential part of the community. It is also important because it introduces people to the wonders of Dogecoin and keeps Doge in circulation.

Tipping with Twitter

1. Register with the tip bot

Visit this link and log in with your twitter credentials.

2. Make a positive balance

After authenticating your account, you'll receive a series of instructions for depositing Dogecoin to begin tipping. Below is a screen shot of what you should see.

twitter tipping instructions

Send tips!

Below is an example of how to use the tip bot once you have a positive balance:

twitter tip example

When you send a tip over twitter, your tweet will receive a favorite by the dogetipbot if it was successfully sent.

dogetipbot favorite tweet example

Note: the amount received by the bot will have a 1 Doge reduction because a Doge transfer consumes 1 Doge. For example, if you gave a tip of 50, the recipient will receive 49.

Collect tips!

To review your twitter doge balance, politely ask the dogetipbot by replying with balance.

twitter balance example

To withdraw your monies, just provide the the dogetipbot with your send address and it will kindly send you your doge fortune!

twitter withdraw example