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Tipping - spread the Doge-ness

Last updated on Jan 31, 2014.

Tipping is possible on Twitter, Reddit and Imgur (and possibly other places, but this is what we have experience with). Tipping brings much joy and is an essential part of the community. It is also important because it introduces people to the wonders of Dogecoin and keeps Doge in circulation.

Tipping with Imgur

1. Register with the tip bot

To get started, log into your account and choose “New Message”.

send message example

You’re going to send the givedoge tip bot a register message to create your imgur tipping account.

givedoge register example

You should receive a reply almost instantly confirming your account has been created. This message will also include your imgur deposit address.

register replye example

2. Deposit to the balance

You must have something to tip with, so open your wallet and send Doge to the address provided in the reply message from step 1. If for any reason you forget your deposit address or account balance, just message info to the givedoge tip bot.

givedoge info example

3. Send tips in your comments / replies

Once you have a positive tip bot balance, you can tip fellow imgurians by including @givedoge TIP_AMOUNT DOGE somewhere in your comments or replies. Comments will tip the original poster, while replies tip the person you are replying to. For example:

imgur tip example imgur tip example

Withdraw from your balance

You can withdraw what you deposited / tips received if you have a positive balance. To get Doge back, send a direct message to givedoge with withdraw YOUR_ADDRESS doge.

Note: When you withdraw dogecoin from your imgur balance, your entire balance is withdrawn. Currently there is no option to withdraw a specific amount.

imgur withdraw example