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Tipping - spread the Doge-ness

Last updated on Jan 31, 2014.

Tipping is possible on Twitter, Reddit and Imgur (and possibly other places, but this is what we have experience with). Tipping brings much joy and is an essential part of the community. It is also important because it introduces people to the wonders of Dogecoin and keeps Doge in circulation.

Tipping with Reddit

Thanks to the dogetipbot, You can easily add tips to comments and replies. Their official guide is found here.

1. Register with the tip bot

There are two ways to register. One is if someone has already sent you a tip and the other is if you are self registering. If you have received a tip, the bot will message you asking if you want to accept. Reply to the message with +accept and dogetipbot will create your account. Skip to step two if you did this, otherwise continue on.

To register yourself, log into Reddit and send a direct message to the bot with +register. The bot will reply with a confirmation message, but during high volume periods of traffic it may take longer.

Note: The tip bot is currently slower than normal due to a massive increase in tip volume. You can read more about it here. It is getting improved so be patient! The next version is right around the corner.

register example

2. Deposit to the balance

Your registration confirmation will include your deposit address and current balance. You must have something to tip with, so open your wallet and send Doge to the provided address. If for any reason you forget your deposit address or tipbot balance, just message +info to the dogetipbot.

dogetipbot direct message example

3. Send tips in your comments / replies

Once you have a positive tip bot balance, you can tip fellow redditors by including +/u/dogetipbot AMT_TO_SEND doge somewhere in your comments or replies, where AMT_TO_SEND is the amount you want to send over. Comments will tip the original poster, while replies tip the person you are replying to. For example:

reddit tip example

If you want the tip bot to reply as well, make sure to include verify after "doge", like "+/u/dogetipbot 100 doge verify".

reddit tip example

Both you and the receiver of the tip will get a confirmation message if the tip successfully goes through. The confirmation message will include your current balance and deposit address.

reddit tip received example

Withdraw from your balance

You can withdraw what you deposited / tips received if you have a positive balance. To get Doge back, send a direct message to dogetipbot with +withdraw YOUR_ADDRESS AMT_TO_TAKE_OUT doge. Example below.

reddit withdraw example

View your tipbot history

If you want to view your transaction history, you can direct message the dogetipbot with +history and receive a detailed report.

There are also shortcuts to these actions in your tip sent / received confirmation messages.

reddit tipbot history example