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Faucets - free Doge

Last updated on Feb 20, 2014.

Note: most faucets are empty at this point in time. As the Doge community has grown substatially, faucets have not been able to keep up and most do not work. If you do not receive any coins, it is probably them. We no longer recommend using faucets as a way of acquiring Doge because even if you find a working faucet, the payout is very small.

Ready to get your first doge? There are sites known as faucets / water bowls that give out free doge. They are filled by generous shibes, so remember to give back when you are established! If they run out, they are dry until someone refills them.

To receive your free Dogecoin payout, all you have to do is give your receive address to the faucet site. Payouts won't immediately show up in your wallet because they are added to the block chain, then you must sync up to that point.

Below are lists of faucets maintained by other shibes.

Giving back

Faucets usually also post their donations address. To give to a faucet instead of taking, just use your wallet to send Doge to that address.