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Common scams

Last updated on Jan 31, 2014.

While the doge community is much awesome, there is no shortage of scams from criminal shibes trying to steal. Whether you’re buying or selling in the doge market, be sure to check the community blacklist to confirm you're not dealing with a scammer! This google doc is constantly being updated with naughty shibes.

If you believe you have been scammed, report it to the dogecoin scam watch subreddit and notify the community. The below content is co-authored by GoodShibe.


How does it work?

The scammer arrives on site offering to double a persons coins. The scammer usually has alias accounts he controls that will take part or double the amount of dogecoin in small amounts. Eventually, the doubling gets bigger, luring out others who hope to successfully double a large number of dogecoin. Once the coins are sent, the scammer disappears with the coins.

How do you avoid this scam?

DO NOT take part in doubling ever, event if it seems legit.

The Impersonator

How does it work?

The scammer will contact the buyer / seller offering to buy / sell using a clever misspelling of a recognized buyer / seller linked to the original person's verification thread. Once the trade is initiatied, the scammer disappears with the cash / dogecoin.

How do you avoid this scam?

ALways search the user's name you're dealing with on the /r/dogemarket black list. Keep a keen eye for the name and any misspelling. If you happen to find multiple misspellings of the username on the black list, be extra careful in dealing with the user. To verify the individual, check their post history and see whether they are a reputable trader.

The Fast Seller / Buyer

How does it work?

The scammer wants to buy / sell but is in a rush. They will typically ask you to "hurry things up" or "send it all in one quick trade". These scammers may also try to disguise themselves by doing small increments for the first few trades to build trust. They may suddenly say "Hey, I have to run" or tell you "something came up", asking you to send the rest of trade in one lump sum. If you proceed with this, the scammer will disappear with the cash / dogecoin.

How do you avoid this scam?

Decline exchanging in one lump sum and continue the small increments. If the individual continually insists that they are unable to wait and can't perform the trade properly, your safest bet is to find another user to trade with. You're in control during the entire situation, since the scammer can't do anything until you send the cash / dogecoin.